Friday, September 07, 2007


He guys….. Catch some fun….


Hear this story…..


There were these three former presidents of Ghana…. In the name of

Kwame Nkuruma who was the first president of Ghana,

JJ Rawlings

J.A Kuffour.

They all we to a bush for picnic and they were captured by some Cannibals. Begging, crying and other desperate measure ensured…. At last the chief of the cannibals said he is going to put them to a test, if any one fails he is going to be eaten. They all agreed and he said everybody should go to the bush and bring three fruits. All said this is too easy…. And the test commenced.

Kwame was the first to come back with apples and the king said is time to lay down the rules…. The king said one has to shove the fruits up his ass without showing any sign of distress. Kwame shoved one up his ass, without any kind of emotion or sign of distress. Then the second one Kwame shouted aloud and the was clubbed to death and eaten.

Then comes JJ who came back with some berries, the laid down the rules of the test…. And Rawlings gasped and said I could do this…. He shoved 1,2 and he bursts into laughter and he too was clubbed to death. When he got to the gate of heaven and Kwame was waiting for him there, Kwame asked Rawlings why he laughed because he nearly scaled through. He answered that he saw Kuffour coming with come pineapples.


I am just kidding you know…..


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